Answer Ai : Instant customer support, always switched on

Answer AI handles queries on your behalf, effortlessly. It’s instant, insightful and a sparkling conversationist.

Lift the limits on customer service capacity. Answer AI lets you grow your business without having to grow your team.

Answer AI is your virtual specialist in… well, whatever you need it to be. Always ready with the right answer.

How does it work?
Great question! It lets your business respond automatically to customers’ queries. Want to know more about how it works?
Absolutely. I want to see it’s a good fit for my business.
OK, keep scrolling… 👀
📅 Any query resolved, 24/7
Can you tell me more about the eco-friendly yoga mats?
Sure thing! They're made with natural rubber and are biodegradable. Would you like to check out the different designs?
Yes please.
Alright, click here and I'll point you in the right direction.  👉
👏 Audiences informed instantly
I'm in town at the moment, are you open?
Come on over! We're open until 6pm tonight, so you've got 2 hours. Need directions to visit us?
That would be great if you could.
No problem, press this bubble for your directions. 📍
👏 Real-time information on demand
I want to return a jacket I bought last week.
No problem at all. I can help with that. Have you got the order number?
It's #4520.
I can see the order was purchased last Tuesday. Follow this link to get started on your return. 📦
⏰ 0 second response time
Hey, can I get an update on my order #1567?
Of course! It's been shipped and should arrive by Monday. Want the tracking link?
That'll be useful!
Click this link to be redirected to Royal Mail's website.  🚚
🛍️ Seamlessly integrated with your store

Answer AI is the app that wears many hats – covering
virtually any role that assists your customers’ journey

Sales rep

Help convert browsers into customers.

With detailed insights into every feature of every product, Answer AI can help you make the sale.

Digital stylist

Personalise shopping like never before.

Guide customers on product details such as materials, sizing, and fit – ensuring your customers step out in style.

Carrier manager

Take care of shipping communications.

Offer real-time updates, resolve shipping queries, and coordinate delivery preferences – simply and smoothly.

Orders assistant

Provide updates on customer orders.

Integrate Answer AI to track a product’s journey from purchase to delivery, and keep customers in the loop.

Returns manager

Simplify the return process with AnswerAI.

Seamlessly provide customers with quick, clear instructions on how to return items and process their requests without delay

When will the oversized striped sweatshirt be back in stock?
They're a hit! More are expected in two weeks.
Answer ai : Ai chatbot

Natural, flowing conversation that always sounds like your brand

Customer support without limits – any volume, any task, any time

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Intelligent conversation that feels anything but artificial.

When your customers interact with you through Answer AI, it’s far more than an exchange of information – it’s an authentic experience. Using the data and rules you teach it, together with natural language processing, Answer AI holds sophisticated conversations and resolves queries effectively.

Shopify store owner setting up AI chatbot : Answer ai

Personal set-up support from the Answer AI team.

We get that making the leap to an AI-based system for customer service is a big deal. You’ll no doubt have questions and concerns. That’s why our onboarding team are here to help your business make the switch. We’ll get you set up with Answer AI and show you how it can work for you.

Shopify store owner checking orders with AI chatbot

The smart way to power your business to do more.

As demand for your products or services grows, the resources needed to manage customer communication grows too. Answer AI expands your capacity to respond without needing more staff. Keep customers satisfied while boosting productivity and freeing up your team for more complex tasks.

Young female setting up Shopify chatbot at night

Simple integration with your existing website platform.

Answer AI doesn’t only make things easier for your customers. It’s easy for you to set up too. Whatever your website platform – from WordPress to Webflow, Squarespace to Shopify – Answer AI connects seamlessly. And it integrates with your existing processes for an efficient online customer experience.

"We've reduced our customer email & phone contact queries and have been able to convert many manual chats to sales opportunities.Overall Answer Ai helps us create a professional customer contact 2-way messaging system on our homepage which is available 24/7/365"

David Peters, Arnold Clark

Answer AI takes the strain of responding to queries. Giving you more time to take your business forward.

Step one: sign up for our free trial

Give Answer AI a test drive to explore how it could help your business.

Step two: use our easy onboarding guide

Smooth your transition to AI-based support with a few simple actions.

Step three: switch on automated support

Let the conversations begin and fine-tune to maximise performance.

We’ve got answers for your customers. And we’ve got answers for you too. Here are our FAQs: